Wireless Access Point Installation in Charlotte, NC & the Southeast

As your business has grown, you may have seen a strain on your wireless network over time. Wireless access points, or WAPs, can typically support 20-25 devices, but with the average employee using multiple devices, from laptops to cell phones and tablets, the number of devices connecting to an access point could grow quickly, even in a small office. In addition, most businesses now use wireless connections for things like security cameras and Building Automation Systems, putting further demands on the wireless network.

Ideally, with wireless access points placed strategically throughout your Charlotte business, anyone accessing the network can enjoy fast, reliable internet access. With the proper quantity of access points installed in the right locations, employees and customers will even be able to move throughout the building without losing connectivity. A well-designed and deployed infrastructure will not only increase productivity but employee satisfaction as well.

Installing Wireless Access Point Cabling

Wireless access points are designed to provide seamless coverage with no loss of connectivity as users move from room to room. Therefore, the positioning of your WiFi access points is extremely important, though several factors can make the process to find the best location a bit challenging. Many people think that placing an access point in the center of a room or building is best to obtain a wide range of coverage, but this isn’t always the case.

Layer One Technologies has the equipment and expertise needed to take the guesswork out of finding the ideal locations for your wireless access points. We will find areas of weak signal throughout your business, while also considering where devices will actually be used. A dropped signal in the storage room, for instance, may not be an issue, but a strong, reliable signal may be essential in the conference room or reception area. Next, we’ll locate potential sources of interference. Anything from a structural column to a speaker, or even another WAP could weaken the strength or performance of your wireless network. Layer One Technologies will use this hard data to determine the best locations for your access points prior to installation.

Finally, it is important to pay attention to manufacturer recommendations. We have experience working with most major brands and understand the installation requirements for these WAPs. Access points perform best when installed in the correct locations and matched with the best antennas for the area being served. Where aesthetics are important, we will attempt to install a WAP wireless access point in a less visible location, though hiding it behind ceiling tiles or walls is not recommended.

Why Hire Professionals for Wireless Access Point Set Up?

Layer One Technologies technicians are cabling experts and understand how all data will travel over cabling at some point. Our experience allows us to take the burden of installation from your hardworking IT Department, so they can focus on other high-priority tech issues. Layer One’s technicians are well-trained and insured. We’re accustomed to working above the ceiling and we have the necessary tooling and safety equipment to complete the job, including aerial lifts. This means we won’t need to rely on equipment from your maintenance department to complete the job.

Installing a wireless access point in your business can be a time-consuming process. From locating dead zones in your current network to avoiding interference during installation, many detailed decisions need to be made throughout deployment. Hiring a professional access point WiFi installer allows you to remain focused on your business, knowing that the task of creating reliable wireless access for employees and customers is in experienced hands.

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