Audio and Visual Systems in Charlotte, NC

Layer One Technologies knows no limit, especially when you have the perfect audio and visual system in mind. No other provider has the same diligence, dedication, and expertise in audio-visual installation. We maximize customer experiences by delivering systems that meet today’s needs and are scalable so that tomorrow’s needs can be easily adopted.  Each project is treated individually, ensuring the components are appropriate and the service is affordable, manageable, and excellent for businesses of any size.

Our systems increase worker productivity, customer experience, and employee engagement with sound masking, mass notification, digital signage, and interactive displays.

Layer One Technologies has that covered.

Charlotte, NC Audio Visual Services

Layer One Technologies is proud of the single and multi-site projects that have earned us an excellent reputation throughout North Carolina. Here is a summary of the AV services we regularly provide:

  • Planning and design
  • Procurement
  • Wiring and cabling structure
  • Project Management
  • Updating and remodeling

Layer One Technologies will also provide designs for the following environments:

Office and Corporate

  • Collaborative Spaces → You can increase engagement with enhanced collaboration and presentation tools and communication systems. Imagine minimizing new employee or student orientations, increasing efficiency and productivity, and having fun while you’re doing it!
  • Conference Rooms → Motorized shades, projection screens, video and sound systems
  • LCD, LED Video Walls
  • Digital Signage
  • Paging
  • Background Music

Surveillance Systems

Installing video surveillance around the workplace protects both the company and the employees. With the increased risk of violence, installing commercial video and audio surveillance is just one step to heightening security. Cameras also act as a crime deterrent to prevent theft, vandalism, harassment, and other types of criminal activity. At warehouses, maintenance employees can use cameras to detect what equipment needs immediate repair or is operating unsafely.

Whatever you want surveillance for, Layer One Technologies is here to help with the following:

  • Network cameras
  • CATV
  • Support for your business or industry-specific requirements
  • HD/SD camera systems

Educational and Medical

  • Easy-to-use AV and multimedia systems, such as interactive kiosks and whiteboards
  • Sound systems
  • Microphones, both wired or wireless
  • LCD/LED touch displays
  • Digital signage
  • Paging systems

Warehouses and Storefronts

  • Surveillance systems, on-site and remote
  • Store-wide paging and sound systems
  • Distribution systems
  • Music systems
  • Digital interactive signage
  • LCD/LED/Flat-screen displays
  • Audio and visual paging

Contact Layer One for Your Audio Visual Solutions

The approach to installing and implementing audio and visual systems is straightforward: we find out what our customers want and then simply deliver a budget-friendly and incredible a/v system. Our ground-up approach means that we look first at what your business desires—both present and future. From there, we can make recommendations based on industry knowledge and experience.

If you are ready to upgrade or install brand-new audio and visual systems, contact Layer One Technologies, one of Charlotte’s top audiovisual companies, today to see how we may be of assistance.

Layer One Technologies – Best Audio Visual Installation in Charlotte, NC