International Fire Code Section 510 (IFC 510)

Coverage For IFC 510 Standards

As a building owner or contractor, it’s important that the codes for your establishment are up to date. International Fire Code (IFC) 510 is the code that requires you to have Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) throughout the entirety of your structure. This is to provide emergency responders with an efficient way to communicate with each other regardless of where they are in the building.

Layer One Technologies has the knowledge and experience to install an ERRC/BDA system that meets all IFC 510 code requirements. Contact us to schedule your radio survey for your building.

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What is Code IFC 510?

IFC 510 stands for International Fire Code chapter 5 section 10. This code states that buildings need to have approved emergency responder radio coverage (ERRC) throughout the building.

In this section, there are 6 subsections specifying how to make sure your building meets this requirement. Below is a summary of each subsection. For more detailed information go to ICC Digital Codes and scroll down to section 510.

    • 510.1 – ERRC in NEW buildings: This states that new buildings need to have radio coverage that’s approved based on the rules and regulations of the jurisdiction your building resides in.
    • 510.2 – ERRC in EXISTING buildings: This states that existing buildings need to have approved radio coverage. If you have recently bought a business or a building, make sure that this is up to code.
    • 510.3 – Permit required: The installation or modification of this system requires a permit. There is also specific equipment that needs to be used which is described in 105.7.6 (this is a different section that 510).
    • 510.4 – Technical Requirements: This subsection goes into detail about the requirements needed for the system, system components, and equipment to be in compliance with IFC 510.
      • 510.4.1 – System signal strength
      • 510.4.2 – System design
    • 510.5 – Installation Requirements: This subsection goes into detail on the requirements for the installation process of ERRC systems.
      • 510.5.1 – Approval from the fire code official before installation
      • 510.5.2 – Qualifications (valid FCC radio license & in-building certification)
      • 510.5.3 – System needs to be tested
      • 510.5.4 – FCC Compliance
    • 510.6 – Maintainance: Ensuring the system stays up-to-date is important. This subsection reviews how to maintain the ERRC system.

How To Meet The Requirments For IFC 510?

Installing emergency responder radio communication systems properly is of the utmost importance. This allows emergency services to communicate efficiently. However, there are a lot of rules and regulations that need to be followed to guarantee that everything is properly installed.

Layer One Technologies is the premier choice when it comes to installing systems for Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). We are experts in our field and adhere to all specifications needed to install an ERRC system properly.

Our installers have the proper qualifications needed to comply with 510.3 and 510.5.2 and have the knowledge to ensure that all other requirements are met. Our process gives you peace of mind, knowing that if an emergency occurs, the responders will have full radio coverage.

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