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Over the past thirty-five years, the world has made great leaps into the world of telecommunications. Everything is moving much faster now. Is your business or warehouse in North Carolina keeping up with the times? Or are you still using the same computer you were introduced to in the 1980s? With Charlotte and other urbanized areas in North Carolina experiencing rapid growth, especially in banking, finance, and technology, if you are not using the properly installed data cabling of the current standards, you might be missing out.

Luckily, Layer One Technologies has an answer for all your network wiring questions.

Core Data Cabling Services:

  • Voice and Data Cabling Infrastructure – Layer One Technologies works with Copper cabling Categories 5 though Category 8, as well as Fiber-Optic cabling OS1, OS2 (single mode) and OM1 through OM5 (multi-mode). We offer structured cabling design, planning, implementation, and certification. Every design is tailored to ensure your cabling infrastructure will have a maximized lifespan that meets your present and future expectations.
  • Installation Multiple Locations – New construction (ground-up structures), remodeled locations (servicing section-by-section so you can continue working in peace), and expansions to keep all locations connected. Our experts will work with your situation and needs to ensure that your expectations are met.
  • Paging System Design and Installation – Professionally designed layouts and installation for single or multi-site systems. We offer IP paging systems, traditional analog systems and hybrid systems for customers wanting to move towards the latest technologies without replacing everything at once. Layer One Technologies will also answer your paging questions and help you decide what’s best for your business.
  • Audio-Visual – Wiring and equipment for conference and training spaces, digital signage (LCD, LED, and Projection displays), and CATV.
  • Roll-out Services – We coordinate with our national subcontracting network to install multi-site infrastructures. Roll-out services include site surveys, material acquisition, project management and installation of equipment.
  • Wi-Fi Survey, Design and Analysis – Our capabilities include active and predictive site surveys for wireless design, spectrum analysis for analyzing and troubleshooting existing systems and detailed report generation.
  • Wireless Access Point Deployment – Layer One Technologies can install cabling and mounting of wireless access points in commercial, industrial, medical, and warehouse environments. We have completed numerous multi-site roll-outs consisting of more than 50 sites each both regionally and nationally.
  • Small Office DAS Solutions – Poor signal in your office? Boost cell phone reception and so on with Layer One Technologies.  We offer small office amplification systems so your mobile devices will work.

We offer solutions for single and multi-site locations through collaborations with our national subcontractor network to provide ongoing project management, design, installation, testing and maintenance, meaning that no job is too large for Layer One Technologies. If you need cabling services of any kind, feel free to contact us today.

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