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Over the past 35 years, telecommunications has evolved quite a bit. Speeds for business infrastructure are much faster than they used to be. Having an old network system won’t cut it anymore. The Charlotte area, and other urban areas like it, are growing at an accelerated rate. If your business’s infrastructure isn’t current, you could be missing out.
Layer One Technologies is here to get your business up to speed. We offer installation services that will help increase your structured cabling system. From planning to designing to installation, our priority is to make your vision a reality. Our process is custom to your company’s needs with the highest-quality installations.

Installation Services & Solutions

We help businesses in the Charlotte, NC area and beyond to help improve their network infrastructure systems.

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Data Cabling Installation Near Me

Data Cabling Installation

Design, planning, implementation, and certification. Every design is tailored to ensure your cabling infrastructure will have a maximized lifespan that meets your present and future expectations.
ERRC / BDA Systems in Charlotte, NC

ERRC / BDA Systems

Communication is essential in an emergency. Make sure your commercial building is set up properly so that in an emergency situation, first responders can communicate efficiently.
Small Office DAS

Small Office DAS Solutions

Poor signal in your office? Boost cell phone reception and so on with Layer One Technologies.  We offer small office amplification systems so your mobile devices will work.

Office Sound Masking Charlotte, NC

Office Sound Masking

Commercial sound masking introduces electronically produced sounds that are distributed evenly throughout the office space.  By raising the ambient sound levels in a space, speech and other distracting noises become indiscernible.

Premise Cabling Design Near Me

Premise Cabling Solutions

Layer One Technologies has been certified by two internationally known associations, BICSI and Panduit, and our designs adhere to the wiring standards of the Electronic Industries Alliances and Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA/TIA). Our designs also comply with all state and municipal building codes.
Audio Visual Installation Near Me

Audio Visual Systems Solutions

Wiring and equipment for conference and training spaces, digital signage (LCD, LED, and Projection displays), and CATV.
Cable Management Charlotte NC

Server Rack Cable Management

Having a neat and organized server rack is important for an aesthetic appeal and quick access for troubleshooting. Make a good impression on the company’s leaders by having Layer One professionals improve your server rack.
Commercial Paging Systems in Charlotte, NC

Commercial Paging Systems

Professionally designed layouts and installation for single or multi-site systems. We offer IP paging systems, traditional analog systems, and hybrid systems for customers wanting to move towards the latest technologies without replacing everything at once.
Wireless Access Point Installation Charlotte, NC

Wireless Access Point Installation

Layer One Technologies can install cabling and mounting of wireless access points in commercial, industrial, medical, and warehouse environments. We have completed numerous multi-site roll-outs consisting of more than 50 sites each both regionally and nationally.
Wifi Site Survey Charlottes, NC

Wi-Fi Survey, Design and Analysis

Our capabilities include active and predictive site surveys for wireless design, spectrum analysis for analyzing and troubleshooting existing systems and detailed report generation.

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