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Layer One Technologies offers comprehensive on-premise (sometimes called “on-prem” or premise) cable design and implementation services. Though this simply refers to the network cabling system that is utilized by commercial, federal, academic, medical, and sometimes even domestic, applications to help connect computers, data terminals, and phones together to maximize performance levels. Premise wiring systems and cable design include the cabling, power lines, wiring closets, distribution points, wall plates, and fixtures as well.

However, you don’t want to entrust anyone with the premise cabling design. Layer One Technologies has been certified by two internationally known associations, BICSI and Panduit, and our designs adhere to the wiring standards of the Electronic Industries Alliances and Telecommunications Industry Association (EIA/TIA). Our designs also comply with all state and municipal building codes.

Premise Cabling & Premise Wiring Solutions

You might be considering overhauling the network cabling and data infrastructure for your business, so let us briefly describe exactly what premise cabling design entails and how it works.

Within computer networking, a premise wiring system is hierarchical, almost like a central and peripheral nervous system of the human body (brain, spinal cord, and nerves). The cabling design begins with the main equipment room (main cross-connect) where most essential telecommunication devices are stored. This includes things like serves, Private Branch Exchanges (PBX), and routers—anything that allows signals to leave and enter the building. Depending on the size of the building, these main equipment rooms could be spread throughout the complex or housed in a single location.

Of course, incoming and outgoing signals are not always coming from outside sources. Most communications handled by this equipment room come from within the structure. Thus, more cables are required to connect the equipment room to the wiring closets (intermediate cross-connects). Inside wiring closets, you will find hubs, switches, and racks or cabinets with patch panels that will provide hookups to the local area network (LAN).

Premise cabling, which is usually installed inside a single building or a campus, for example, involves cables with shorter lengths than what you might see at a location that uses Outside Plant (OSP) fiber optics, like telephone networks, CATV, utility companies, and metropolitan networking.

These cables are usually multimode, but recent innovations are allowing for hybridized cables that use both single and multimode fibers to allow for higher bandwidth applications. If you find that your business is requiring constant communication between data servers and other computers and is putting a massive amount of stress of your current technology, then an updated, or remodeled, premise cable design will help increase the efficacy of your telecommunication system as well as overall productivity.

Premise Cabling Designs

Layer One Technologies has extensive knowledge of structured cabling. Education and experience allow our experts to provide solutions using copper Categories 5 through 6A (coaxial through single and multimode fibers) and emerging Category 8 (for having bandwidth loads and faster response time), making us one of the leaders in voice and data cabling infrastructure. Our high-quality services also include Fiber Optic OS1, OS2, OM1 through OM4, and emerging OM5.

Now for a quick breakdown of how these different categories work:

  • Copper Cabling – The longtime standard of low-voltage premises cabling, copper has been at the forefront of technological advances. Use copper cabling if you want more power with an Ethernet hookup and network stability.
  • Fiber Optic Cabling – What was once considered the highest quality available, fiber optics continue to become more and more affordable. Fiber optics form a robust backbone for cables over 328 feet (100 meters) in length, forming inter-building links, and increasing the range of video security, reception-boosting systems, and FTTH/FTTD connections.

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The solutions we provide are of the highest quality available. We can ensure optimum performance and lasting premise cable designs, as well as maintenance, so you can go longer without remodeling or upgrading your network wiring.

If you have any further questions about whether premise cabling is the correct choice for your business or you would like to learn more about the solutions Layer One Technologies can offer you, please contact us today for more information.

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