Office Sound Masking Installation in Charlotte, NC & the Southeast

Office spaces are designed to be more cost-effective and to promote collaboration between employees.  Unfortunately, they also limit privacy and increase distractions.  Whether an employee is struggling to hear a customer on the phone, or a manager feels uncomfortable having a one-on-one conversation, the noise level of an office can directly impact productivity.

Commercial sound masking introduces electronically produced sounds that are distributed evenly throughout the office space.  By raising the ambient sound levels in a space, speech and other distracting noises become indiscernible.  Sound isn’t canceled, but the distance to which conversations can be heard and understood by others is reduced.  There are many office sound masking systems available in the market today.  In many cases, employees and/or patients don’t even know the system is on, but they would certainly recognize when it is off.

The Benefits of Commercial Sound Masking

With an effective sound masking system in place, workers are free to focus on the job at hand.  Private business meetings or patient consultations remain private, without the concern for others overhearing sensitive information.  Employees can better understand their phone conversation with a customer or client, as well, without the chatter from water cooler conversations down the hall.

Without a sound masking system, workers often improvise to avoid distraction.  It’s not uncommon to walk through a workspace to see most employees drowning out the background noise with music playing in their headphones.  Unfortunately, this solution has its own set of distractions and also limits important communication between coworkers.  A well-designed sound masking system is an effective way to minimize noise distractions, increase employee productivity and maintain privacy while allowing employees to function and communicate as normal.

Professional Sound Masking Installation

Most sound masking systems are typically installed in the plenum, which is the space between the suspended ceiling of the office and the actual ceiling above.  We also provide solutions for open and/or inaccessible ceilings.  Layer One Technologies will begin with an assessment of your facility to better understand the environment and to understand customer goals and additional requirements such as background music and paging.   We’ll then design a system to meet your goals and provide uniform coverage throughout your facility.

Our technicians are specially trained to install a range of data cabling, including sound masking for offices.  We are manufacturer-trained and insured, as well.  Layer One Technologies will arrive at your office with everything needed to install your system.  We understand that the day-to-day operations of your business are extremely important, so we try our best to minimize the inconvenience to your staff as we install and set up your sound masking system.

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Established in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2007, our company has grown to become an industry leader in the Southeast.  Our services are wide-ranging, and we’re the premier source for your data cabling and custom-tailored technology solutions.  In addition to being experts in our field, we want to ensure that our customers are satisfied.  We work with you to develop a plan and a schedule that best fits the needs of your unique business.  Contact us today to learn more about our commercial sound masking installation services!

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