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Phone and computer services have become more important than ever to the growth of businesses, both big and small. In order to continue growing, your Charlotte business needs to have a reliable network; but sometimes, the size of the building your business is in, as well as the cabling infrastructure, can add unnecessary challenges. Layer One Technologies is proud to offer DAS solutions for small businesses throughout Charlotte, North Carolina and surrounding areas.

What is a DAS?

DAS stands for “Distributed Antenna System,” and it is a network of separated antenna nodes, usually over a distance, that are connected to a common source. DAS provides wireless service within a region or a structure and can be employed indoors (iDAS) or outdoors (oDAS). The main purpose for a small business, however, would be to increase the wireless signals within a building, which is why DAS are usually found in corporate headquarters.

Distributed Antenna Systems For Small Business Properties

No one wants terrible phone service when at work. Don’t let dropped calls and poor reception hurt your day-to-day operations! Layer One Technologies has an answer to your phone signal dilemma. We can install a DAS to run alongside your current networking system. Don’t trust just any company to do this job, as it requires experience with DAS technology and an understanding of your pre-existing voice and data cabling infrastructure. A technician that doesn’t understand how to correctly install a DAS may make your existing situation that much worse. Other challenges to think about when installing a DAS would be the historical and aesthetic elements of the building’s architecture.

Thus, you can only trust the best in DAS installation. Layer One Technologies has both the knowledge and experience to ensure that your structured cabling goes undisturbed while we install your brand-new Distributed Antenna System.

We will examine the following before installing a DAS:

  • Building layout
  • Coverage requirements – are you looking for a stronger cellular signal? Enhance PCS signals?
  • Service objectives – what kind of business are you running? What are your present and future service goals?

From there, Layer One Technologies will provide you with a customized solution. We will also aid you with technical product selection, DAS installation, and give you the complete documentation regarding the DAS system.

Determining The Best Distributed Antenna System for Your Small Business

Not all DAS are the same! The professionals at Layer One Technologies will be more than happy to discuss the variety of options have when choosing which Distributed Antenna System is best for your small business.

DAS System Types:

  • Passive
  • Active
  • Hybrid

A Passive Distributed Antenna System will use coaxial cable to distribute an R/F signal throughout a structure. The advantage of a Passive Distributed Antenna System is that it is by far the simplest and most affordable installation. For startups, this system might be the best. However, you must keep in mind the following disadvantages: a weakening signal over distance and no end-to-end monitoring.

An Active Distributed Antenna System uses fiber optics to transmit the R/F signal from the base unit to the remote unit as an optical signal. The remote unit will receive the signal, transform it, then send it back to the R/F to be transmitted to the end user. Due to this constant transmission, Active Distributed Antenna Systems tend to produce the same signal strength over the whole system, allow for end-to-end monitoring, and have tremendous scalability. The downside is that an active system is rather costly due to multiple technologies involved. Repairs may also be more costly than a Passive Distributed Antenna System.

Lastly, there is the hybridized Distributed Antenna System, which combines the elements of both the passive and active systems. Consider the hybrid DAS the middle ground between passive and active systems, having some of the weaknesses of the passive system without the full cost of the active.

Receiving Your Small Business DAS

Once the best solution for your small business has been determined, Layer One Technologies will help you procure the technology and install the Distributed Antenna System. Not only do we have the experience when it comes to electrical wiring and network structured cabling, we know how to install such equipment without creating distractions at the workplace. The only time you will know we are there is when the phone signal strength in your building drastically improves.

Contact Layer One to Install Your Dedicated Antenna System

If you are interested in a DAS for your small business and would like to know more or receive a quote, please contact Layer One Technologies today.

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