Commercial Paging Systems in Charlotte, NC and the Southeast

Commercial paging systems have been a mainstay of medium and large businesses for quite some time, and while the technology for these overhead paging systems has certainly changed over the years, the need for a reliable paging system for your business has not.  The paging needs of each business are as unique as the businesses themselves.  Whether you need to reach employees in a noisy warehouse or you are adding a paging system as part of an effective emergency plan, there’s a system to meet your needs.

Layer One Technologies has been providing paging & intercom systems for a wide range of businesses for over a decade, including warehouses, small & large office spaces, hospitals, large facilities, and more. We work with businesses throughout Charlotte as well as the Southeast. Get more information on our services today!

Some business owners task their IT departments with managing the installation and setup of wireless paging systems.  As you know, most IT professionals have an existing workload, filled with tasks necessary to the business at hand.  Instead of adding to their long to-do list, consider working with a professional company to install and set up your paging system.   

Working with an installation expert ensures that the work will be done both quickly and correctly.  No need to worry about days of inconvenience during installation or system malfunctions later on.  Professional installers also consider the larger picture, including building design and location, when determining how to install the wireless paging system.  In addition, most installers can walk you through the details of the system, answering any questions you may have about its functionality and design.

Paging / Intercom System Design

Many considerations need to be made when designing aintercom system for your business.  First and foremost, we need to determine how the system will be used.  Some businesses need to reach only a few locations in a building, whereas others may need a system that spans a larger range, including outdoor spaces.   

The business environment is another critical part of the design.  Will this be installed in a manufacturing plant, an office building, or a workshop?  Each may require a different design feature to consider.  Regardless of your needs, there is a paging system that can be designed around your business.  Whether you are considering an IP-based system or an analog approach to paging, mass notification from a single site to multiple sites, paging to certain zones or features such as background music or sound masking we can determine the best product for your needs.   

Paging / Intercom System Installation

Layer One Technologies will take the time to understand your business before we begin the installation.  A site survey will help us to understand you’re building layout before we start drilling holes in the walls.  We’ll consider the noise levels throughout the building, as well as any other potential interference to determine the best locations to install your paging intercom system.  We’ll do the job quickly and professionally, and we’ll take the time to walk you through the system as well.   

There’s no need to worry about coordinating with building maintenance or IT.  Layer One’s technicians come with everything we need to get the job done, and it’s our goal to leave your business better than we found it.  Allow our trained technicians to handle installing your paging system, so that you can continue with the business of the day. 

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